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8th grade Exploring Careers

8th/6th grade Touch System Data Entry
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 Exploring Careers
By investigating the world of work, you'll learn about career exploration considerations, what employers want from employees and how to explore new opportunities. The most important is to determine what occupations and jobs best match your skills, interests, values and personality. In addition, understanding the employer’s vision and concerns will make you more competitive job candidate. In the interview, for example, you will be able to verbalize specifically how you can help advance the employer’s organization. There are several other important reasons to investigate the world of work.


You will:

  • Obtain realistic and accurate information about different occupations
  • Discover what educational classes and training to pursue
  • Gain confidence by becoming familiar with the language and concerns of the world of work — an important quality in any job search
  • Hear about the “hidden” job market through networking — jobs that are available but have not been advertised and how and where to apply for them
  • Make contacts so that when you’re ready to look for work, you’ll know who to call
  • Identify work industries and jobs that interest you and can utilize your skills
  • Learn about recent job trends, the fastest-growing jobs and other information that can impact your career planning.



Touch System Data Entry


Designed for individuals who have no or little training in typing or keyboarding, this course introduces students to techniques that will allow them to progress past pecking at the keys. Students memorize the order of the keys and practice typing for speed and accuracy. Students type up letters,tables, manuscripts and footnotes using correct techniques. Exams are taken on the computer, and students may be given a certain period of time--like five minutes--in which to type up as much as they can of a certain document; they are then graded based on speed and accuracy. The course stresses typing without looking at the computer keyboard or back tracking to fix mistakes.

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