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In January 2013, Socorro ISD launched a new application processing software through Tyler Munis. As a result of this process, all registered Winocular users’ application information will not be saved from any previous job applications. You will need to re-register in the new system and establish an account. Once you have completed the application process, a PIN Number will be issued to you. Please note that the PIN Number is your applicant ID that will allow you to access your application when applying for any future jobs. Also, it will link you to your application if you have any problems with the process. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our applicants. If you have any questions or problems, please contact one of our Human Resources Specialists:
Auxiliary/Support Personnel/Department Positions
Martina Hand
Phone: (915) 937-0239
Email: mhand@sisd.net
Janette Muñoz
Phone: (915) 937-0259
Email: jmunoz14@sisd.net
Elementary Campuses

Martha Rios
Phone: (915) 937-0207
Email: mrios10@sisd.net
Patsy Giron
Phone: (915) 937-0221
Email: pgiron@sisd.net
Aeriel Figueroa
Phone: (915) 937-0041
Email: afigue07@sisd.net 
Secondary Campuses
Alma Barroso
Phone: (915) 937-0211
Email: abarro10@sisd.net
Betty Legarreta
Phone: (915) 937-0220
Email: blegar@sisd.net
Sylvia Flores
Phone:(915) 937-0224
Email: sflore01@sisd.net

Welcome to the Socorro Independent School District JobSite...

Whether you are a recent college graduate, someone who is considering a career change, or an employee from another school district in another city or state, SISD is the place for you. We are always interested in meeting qualified individuals who are enthusiastic about the challenges of working in education.

We know there are lots of education jobs out there, but we here at Socorro think our district is the best. Socorro ISD covers 136 square miles in El Paso County and is one of the fastest growing school districts in the State of Texas. We are enthusiastic about our jobs and the challenges we face each day.

Here in Socorro, the weather is warm and so are the people. We offer great working conditions and competitive salaries. So why not take a look at us? We think you might like it here!

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