Guidance and Counseling


    Hello 8TH GRADE Scorpion family!!

    The high school lottery has begun and should have heard back from the programs you applied to.  If you have been accepted, make sure you respond to the academy or early college before the deadline. If you have not heard back, let me know.  If you did not get in to your academy or early college choices, DON'T WORRY!!  ACADEMIES AND EARLY COLLEGES ARE JUST TWO OPTIONS - YOU STILL HAVE OPTIONS!! Email me if you would like to discuss what other great opportunities you have if you did not get in to an academy or early college.  REMEMBER, IT IS A LOTTERY AND STUDENTS ARE RANDOMLY CHOSEN!

    1. Advanced Academy timeline – Please see below for important Advanced Academy dates. What an exciting time for our 8th graders!



    1. TSI testing – please use this link to register for the TSI. Registration closes February 15th. Please let me know if you will be testing so that I can make sure we plan in accordance with safety guidelines for our testing date and facility here at Sybert.  Please use this link to register. If you do not want your scholar to test at this time please indicate that on the registration form.  Thank you.


    1. CCRPs – College and Career Readiness Plans are being completed by students and are being emailed. Once you have reviewed your scholar’s CCRP, please follow this link to “sign” the CCRP.  This plan will serve as a guide, not a definite plan, for you child’s high school courses.



    This is an exciting, yet overwhelming time for our 8th graders.  If you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Best way to reach me is my email,

    I am here to help, so please don’t let your concerns or questions go unaddressed.  We are a team!