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    Student 360 Devices

    Tyler Student 360 offers parents, students online access to student information via the Web on PCs or tablets or on a smartphone application.

    The Tyler SIS Student 360 portal provides access to the full view of student information, including:

    • Announcements
    • Homework assignments
    • Attendance
    • Notification Preferences
    • Immunization, medication and nurse visit records
    • Real-time gradebook and report card grades
    • Online registration 

    Tyler Student 360 Dashboard

    Student 360 provides data in real time to authorized users such as students, parents, and guardian through an easy-to-use application.

    This dashboard is customizable — tiles can be dragged to new positions, added or removed to create a personalized user experience.


    Learn More

    Tyler Student 360 Informational Video

    Tyler Student 360 Video Informativo


    Mobile App

    Download the free mobile app on your Android or iOS phone:

    • Android Google Play Store
    • iOS App Store

    Tyler Student 360 Mobile App