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    The online registration process allows parents to verify student data, update contact information, complete yearly required registration forms, upload required documents, and acknowledge/review critical district information and policies.

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    If you encounter system issues, email our technical support group at onlinereg@sisd.net.
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Campus Registrar's Name Registrar's Email Registrar's Phone
Americas High School Giovanna Pichardo gpicha@sisd.net 915-937-2818
Benito Martinez Elementary School Lety Guillen lguill01@sisd.net 915-937-8006
Bill Sybert School Ashley Martinez amarti8898@sisd.net 915-937-4407
Cactus Trails Elementary School Elizabeth Villareal evilla1222@sisd.net 915-938-2608
Campestre Elementary School Monica Vidana mvidan02@sisd.net 915-937-7306
Capt. Walter E. Clarke Middle School Lisa Escajeda eescaj@sisd.net 915-937-5610
Chester Jordan Elementary School Grace Gonzalez ggonza11@sisd.net 915-937-8810
Col. John O. Ensor Middle School Kayla Frontz kfront@sisd.net 915-937-6006
Desert Wind School Danielle Nevarez dnevar05@sisd.net 915-937-7812
Dr. Sue A. Shook Elementary School Ruby Munoz rmunoz10@sisd.net 915-937-7112
Eastlake High School Orlenda Hernandez oherna10@sisd.net 915-937-3616
El Dorado High School Gustavo Luevano glueva01@sisd.net 915-937-3223
Elfida P. Chavez Elementary School Jennifer Marquez jseane@sisd.net 915-937-8308
Ernesto Serna School Rachel Martinez rmarti06@sisd.net 915-937-4809
Escontrias Early Childhood Center Cynthia DeSantiago cdesan01@sisd.net 915-937-4201
Escontrias Elementary School Sulema Mejia smejia02@sisd.net 915-937-4102
H.D. Hilley Elementary School Marlen Gonzalez mgonza08@sisd.net 915-937-8409
Helen Ball Elementary School Lizzette Avalos lavalo01@sisd.net 915-937-8294
Horizon Heights Elementary School Margie Rubalcava mrubal02@sisd.net 915-937-7405
Hueco Elementary School Tania Fraire tfrair@sisd.net 915-937-7609
Hurshel Antwine Middle School Irma Granados igrana@sisd.net 915-937-6412
James P. Butler Elementary School Luis Juarez ljuare@sisd.net 915-937-8908
Jane A. Hambric School Monica Melendez mmelen17@sisd.net 915-937-4614
John Drugan School Norma Trevino ntrevi02@sisd.net 915-937-6814
KEYS Academy Lupe Sanchez gsanch03@sisd.net 915-937-4029
Loma Verde Elementary School Belinda Tercero bterce@sisd.net 915-937-8612
Lujan-Chavez Elementary School Armando Belmonte abelmo04@sisd.net 915-937-8724
Mission Early College High School Maria Pena mpena02@sisd.net 915-937-1207
Mission Ridge Elementary School Vicky Rivas vflore14@sisd.net 915-938-2006
Montwood High School Martha Madrid mmadri01@sisd.net 915-937-2442
Montwood Middle School JoAnne Valles-Garcia jvalle07@sisd.net 915-937-5808
Myrtle Cooper Elementary School Laura Juarez ljuarez@sisd.net 915-937-7706
Options High School Jillian Garcia jgarci28@sisd.net 915-937-1307
O'Shea Keleher Elementary School Rachel Escajeda rescaj01@sisd.net 915-937-7206
Paso Del Norte School Naomi Marquez nmarqu10@sisd.net 915-937-6319
Pebble Hills High School Valerie Hernandez vherna11@sisd.net 915-937-9415
Purple Heart Elementary School Nancy Orozco norozc01@sisd.net 915-938-2206
Robert R. Rojas Elementary School Sonya Solano ssolan@sisd.net 915-937-8505
Salvador H. Sanchez Middle School Edgar Lucero elucer03@sisd.net 915-937-5206
Sgt. Jose F. Carrasco Elementary School Vanessa Zavala vzaval03@sisd.net 915-938-2406
Sgt. Roberto Ituarte Elementary School Margie Hita mhita@sisd.net 915-937-7011
Sierra Vista Elementary School Jocelyn Espinoza jespin13@sisd.net 915-937-8106
Socorro High School Margarita Lopez mlopez28@sisd.net 915-937-2025
Socorro Middle School April Barraza abarra10@sisd.net 915-937-5011
Spec. Rafael Hernando III Middle School Tanya Nazariega tnazar@sisd.net 915-937-9810
SSG Manuel R. Puentes Middle School Liz Ortega eorteg02@sisd.net 915-937-9229
Sun Ridge Middle School Naomi Leon nleon@sisd.net 915-937-6618
Vista Del Sol Elementary School Alexis Baltier abalti01@sisd.net 915-937-7506
William D. Slider Middle School Carmen Castañon ccasta@sisd.net 915-937-5412