Gifted and Talented Program

  • Gifted and Talented  

    A Story of Growth and Understanding

    In 1977, the Texas Legislature passed its first legislation concerning the education of gifted/talented (G/T) students. In 1979, state funds for providing services to G/T children were made available, but providing such services was optional for school districts.

    In 1987, the Texas Legislature mandated that all school districts must identify and serve G/T students at all grade levels. In 1990, The Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students was adopted, and in 1999, the Texas Performance Standards Project for Gifted/Talented Students (TPSP) was created.

    Today, Texas educators are committed to meeting the unique needs of G/T students and to expanding the ways we do so. To learn more about exciting programs for G/T education in Texas, click on the links below, contact your local school district or regional service center, or email TEA at



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