• Chester Jordan Dress Code

    Socorro ISD has established the following universal uniform options to compliment the other agreed upon school uniform options:

    • Khaki pants and a white polo shirt without a school logo;
    • School uniform pants and a school colored polo shirt without a school logo.

    As per Policy FNCA (Local), a universal uniform may worn at any Socorro ISD school which has elected to implement a school uniform policy.


    • Polo Shirt colors: White, Forest Green, or Orange.
    • Polo Shirts with school logo preferred, but not mandatory.
    • Light blue polo for Pre-K students
    • Turtlenecks or shirts underneath school uniform polo MUST be White, Green or Orange only.
    • Team SISD shirts may be worn on Mondays only, with uniform bottoms.
    • College shirts may be worn on Thursdays only, with uniform bottoms.
    • Chester Jordan Spirit shirts may be worn through the week, with uniform bottoms.
    • Docker style Khaki or Black pants.
    • Oversized pants, black jeans, wind suits, sweats, leggings, spandex are clothing items that are not permitted.


    • Docker style in Khaki or Black
    • Length must be at least where the middle finger rests when the arm is extended alongside the leg, and no longer than the knee
    • Please NO over sized shorts or black jean shorts


    • Any style coat/jacket will be permitted to be worn outside during cold weather.
    • Coats/Jackets are not allowed to be worn to cover up students that are not in proper uniform when the temperature is appropriate inside.
    • Nothing with advertising, corporate logos, or professional/college team names can be worn during instructional time, unless approved by school Principal for specific reason and/or days of the week or Friday spirit purposes


    • Plain White, Green or Orange ONLY (no logo required)
    • White, Green, or Orange hooded sweatshirts are permitted but hoods may not be worn in the building.

    Body Piercing:

    The only pierced body parts which are permitted are the ears. Should this create controversy, piercings will not be allowed.


    • Natural colored hair only (pink, blue, purple, red, maroon, etc. not allowed).
    • Hair styles must be maintained within reason so as not to create controversy within the learning environment.

    The following are examples of what will NOT be allowed at Chester E. Jordan:

    1. Baseball caps may not be worn inside our school building.
    2. Clothing with abusive or suggestive language or symbols reflecting gang affiliation.
    3. Bandanas, drop rags, hair nets, caps, or sunglasses (physicians prescribed excluded).
    4. Black or dark shades of lipstick, lip liner, and nail polish.
    5. Excess make-up such as heavy eyeliner.
    6. Tight fitting Capri pants or leggings.
    7. Tank tops, spaghetti Straps, and cropped shirts.
    8. Spiked or studded jewelry or belts.
    9. Excessive jewelry (large and bulky).
    10. Chain belts, chains on wallets, or chains draped outside pockets (as outlined in the SISD Board Policy Handbook).
    11. Any other clothing and accessories that, in the professional judgment of the campus administration and faculty, is not maintaining an orderly educational environment.

    Parents/guardians will be called to bring change of clothes for deviation from the dress code listed above. This dress code may be updated as needed. This information is also provided in our parent handbook and in our district's student code of conduct.