This parking lot is located directly in front of the school and is for school personnel, buses, day care vans, and parents of children with special needs. Anyone using this parking lot with the exception of school personnel, must have a parking decal that is issued to them from the office. The monitors on duty will ask you for your parking decal before you can enter this area. Many parents and children cross here from the neighborhood across the street; therefore, it is extremely important that we keep the traffic to a minimum in this area.


    This parking lot is located on the east side of our building and serves two purposes:The first purpose is to drop your children off in the drop off lane so you never have to leave your car. The second is to provide parking for our teachers and staff. If you choose to NOT go through the line, you MUST park your car and walk your child to the crosswalk that is located in the middle of this parking lot. Please do NOT drop your children off in the middle of the parking lot to walk themselves through the traffic towards the crosswalk. This puts them in harms way. If the parking lot is full, the cross guard on duty will not allow you to park your car as our teachers must park first.


    As usual, student safety is our primary concern. We want to keep your child safe from harm at all times, but we need your help. Please do not drop your children off in the middle of the street or in the middle of the parking lot. The traffic is heavy and the sun is bright and this can be extremely dangerous. If everyone abides by the system in place, we can keep our students safe as they go to and from school.


    If you have a child that attends Montwood Middle School and a child that attends Elfida P. Chavez, please do not send your younger child to the middle school. The older child must pick up the younger child at the fence near our basketball courts. Again, we want to ensure the safety of your children and we have a monitor on duty to watch over them until the older sibling arrives.


    We have an awesome group of individuals who get up extra early every morning and stay late every afternoon to help keep your child safe. We know the wait time can get frustrating but their main focus is to get our students where they need to go and in a safe manner. Thank your cross guard today.


    Please make arrangements to pick your children up on time. We have had several instances of late where children have not been picked up by 5:30 p.m. This causes a burden for those who have to stay behind until someone arrives and delays their opportunity to get home to their own families. Remember, school ends at 3:15 for grades 1-4 on a regular school day and at 4:30 if your child attends tutoring during the week. We appreciate your help in this matter.


    The best time to arrive at school is between 7:15 and 7:25. After that time, you will face heavy traffic and a long wait time.