• Bullying Prevention Class Meetings

    Class meetings should be happening in every classroom at least once a week:

    Expectation: All teachers in every classroom are hosting at least one bullying prevention class meeting a week. “Weekly” class meetings are a key component to decreasing bullying. Implementing the program with fidelity will yield the research proven results.

    Designated day and time:

    Expectation: It should be a priority to the campus and an expectation that a specific time and day is designated for bullying prevention class meetings. Setting a time and day for bullying prevention class meetings is a form of accountability for the campus. Class meeting time should be about 20-30 minutes for upper elementary, middle and high school students.

    Class meeting discussion topics:

    Expectation: Although the initial focus is on bullying, these meetings can be used for other topics as well. Students may become bored if bullying is the only topic discussed.


    Panorama SEL Lessons

    (Lesson Plans can also be downloaded from the MYSISD portal my.sisd.net located under Teacher Tools)