• 2011 Redistricting

    The release of the 2010 census data earlier this spring requires the Socorro Independent School District to determine whether it is necessary to "redistrict" each of the trustee districts to ensure that they contain substantially equal population.

    The District has received a report on the population growth in the territory of the trustee districts, and it appears that there is an imbalance in population between the five (5) separate trustee districts. Thus, the Board must undertake efforts to adjust the boundaries of the trustee districts to bring the relative populations into appropriate balance. This project must be undertaken this year so that the trustee districts will be sufficiently sized and boundaries clearly defined prior to the 2012 general election.

    The adjustments to the trustee boundaries are solely for electoral purposes. Any realignment of trustee boundaries will not, in of itself, affect the attendance zones or other aspects of school district operations.

    Below you will find links to a summary of the redistricting process and other important information. The Board welcomes public input related to this effort, and there is also a link below which provides a form for submitting comments. The public can also participate by contacting your Trustee, or by attending public meetings and making comments during the citizen's communication portion of regular board meetings.

    Current Trustee District Boundaries - Map

    Current Trustee District Population Chart