• Social Studies Resources

    Please see a library staff member for the login credentials to the following social studies databases:

    Biography In Context Biography in Context is an engaging online experience for those seeking contextual information.

    U.S. History In Context Contextual content on significant people, events and topics in US History. 

    Academic OneFile The premier source for peer-reviewed articles covering all academic disciplines.

    General OneFile Millions of articles cover a full range of academic and general-interest topics.

    Newsstand Search full-text articles by headline, date, newspaper section and more.

    Opposing Viewpoints In Context Continuously updated information and opinions cover hot issues.

    Student Resources In Context An engaging student experience merges magazines, news, multimedia and more.

    5 Themes of Social Studies:

    1. Geography: the study of Earth's surface and the way people use it.
    2. History: what happened in the past.
    3. Culture: people's ways of life.
    4. Economics: the way people use resources to meet their needs.
    5. Government: a system of leaders and laws that helps people live together.

    Top 10 Reasons to Study Social Studies:

    1. To Develop skills that are useful in other areas
      1. Historians/Geographers read, write, think
    2. To learn about yourself
      1. Study human beings, even though people lived in different times & places
    3. To learn about your society
      1. About the U.S. and other Countries
      2. The U.S. is a patient w/ issues and we lay it down to find out why it is the way it is
    4. Learn to understand people who are different
      1. Be Objective ( why a person thinks the way he/she thinks)
    5. To gain Perspective ( to see the bigger picture)
    6. To gain Inspiration (life is hard as seen throughout history)
    7. Gain a reason for living (what is our purpose)
      1. Keep liberty alive – life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
    8. Feel a sense of connection to the past
    9. Give yourself time to dream/wonder
      1. Historians/Geographers question
    10. Helps us understand change
      1. Past causes the present, and so the future