Library Procedures



    \Read and Return Quickly

     Bill Sybert Library Procedures

    Librarian:  April Doornwaard, M.Ed.:  Available 7:30-3:30

    SCE/Library Aide:    Available 12:50- 3:40

    Demco, D. B. (2015). RETURN YOUR LIBRARY BOOKS OR MY ASSOCIATE WILL BE FORCED TO DROOL ON YOUR SHOES! [Library Poster]. Retrieved September 12, 2018, from 800-856-1200
    Checkouts and Overdue Consequences

    Please make the commitment to read and return library books within one week!  Read thirty pages nightly! Keep in mind that we all share these books with one another please!  Books must be returned within 10 days to avoid a charge of five cents per day for overdue fines.  If additional time is needed, please return book for renewal. 

    Library Projects and Models
    Models and projects should measure 12" x12" to be displayed in the library.  This size will enable as many as 100 projects to be displayed by grade levels.  Please glue down all dirt, sand and items on projects.  If you can turn them upside down without anything falling off, we're good to go!  Thanks! 
    The interlibrary loan system enables everyone to request additional instructional resources as needed.  Please plan in advance accordingly so materials can arrive through the pony!  As we strive to help our students become information literate citizens, please ensure each student has brainstormed and prepared a detailed research plan which includes your daily homework expectations!  This will enrich and facilitate their usage of the library resources throughout the research process.  Please lead your students to the library and remain with them during the duration of the period to  ensure your classroom's instructional expectations.
    Circulation Access to the Library by Students 
    With exception to instructional times, students have open access Mondays and Fridays and everyday before or after school.  A ten minute turn around time is followed to optimize instructional time.  Please note library instructional times with the schedules posted in your classroom. Please lead your students to the library and remain with them during the duration of the period to  ensure your instructional expectations.  Library passes are library folders for elementary and school planners with time leaving the classroom noted for middle school. 
    Video Instruction Forms  
    If you are planning to show a video in your classroom, pick up an official video permission form from the office/librarian. This form must be filled out completely and approved by an administrator and filed in the library before the video/ DVD can be shown.  Permission slips, signed by parents, should be obtained prior to showing PG-13 movies.
    Student Conduct  
    Students are expected to exhibit their best behavior while in the library. School rules will be enforced. All students should be respectful of the learning environment and courteous to each other and to adults. Please no gum, food, drinks allowed in the library.