• Our Vision, Mission and Beliefs

    At Americas High School, students will embrace their future roles as lifelong learners, be college and career ready, and contribute to the 21st Century workforce.  All students will demonstrate gratitude, integrity, compassion, and respect, have access to a rigorous curriculum, be academically competent and driven to attain their personal, academic and career goals.  With the support of the Americas High School counseling program, students will have a seamless transition from high school to post - secondary education and be contributors to a diverse global society.


    Americas High School counseling department will provide a comprehensive and developmental program that addresses the academic, career, and personal\social development of every student.  With the support and in collaboration with all stakeholders, school counselors will ensure that all students have access to a safe school climate necessary for academic and personal\social growth.  The Americas High School Counseling team is committed to preparing our students to meet the demands of a diverse global society.


    Americas High School Counselors Believe:

    • All students can learn, achieve and be successful
    • All students regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, cultural differences or socio-economic status will have equal access to academic, career, and social/emotional services provided by the counseling program and the school
    • All students have the ability to develop and achieve their goals
    • All students have access to a rigorous academic curriculum
    • All students have the potential to become successful in their post-secondary endeavors
    • All students have the ability to develop empathy, show gratitude and other positive character traits necessary to develop and maintain healthy relationships
    • All students will leave school with the skills needed to become contributing members of a global society.

    The Americas High School Comprehensive Counseling program will:

    • Function as a collaborative team to meet the academic, personal/social needs of all students
    • Be a comprehensive data-driven counseling program based on the changing needs of our diverse student body
    • Be evaluated on a regular basis
    • Provide all students access to a comprehensive school counseling program that is based on developmental competencies
    • Collaborate and communicate with students, parents, administration, staff, and the community to increase equity and access to opportunities

    All of the counselors at Americas High School will:

    • Advocate for all students
    • Maintain the ethical standards of the American School Counseling Association and the policies of the Socorro Independent School District
    • Routinely evaluate program goals to ensure the needs of the students are being met
    • Participate in professional development essential to maintain a quality counseling program
    • Develop positive relationships and recognize each student's special talents to help them achieve goals