• Chester E. Jordan Elementary Counseling Corner


    Lone Star State School Counselor


    Award Winners


  • Iveth Herrera

    Mrs. Herrera
    3rd - 5th Grade

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to focus on academic, career and personal/social development to ensure that every student benefits from a program that is comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature.

    Philosophy of Counseling

    Chester E. Jordan Elementary (CEJE) Counselors believe that all students have the opportunity to do their very best in a collaborative environment focused on discovering their inner strengths to develop competence and confidence. Both counselors serve as advocates towards student success and provide the appropriate Tiered Support for all students through whole group guidance lessons, support groups and individual counseling. CEJE believes all stakeholders share a responsibility for student growth and development through team work and collaboration.

    Belief Statements

    • Chester E. Jordan Elementary believes all students are leaders and can achieve success.
    • Students developmental needs are met through high levels of learning and by implementing a comprehensive counseling program.
    • We believe school counselors lead, advocate and collaborate for all students and create equitable access to high levels of learning and personal/social growth.
    • We believe students achieve success through the implementation of a counseling program that is planned, managed, delivered and evaluated by school counselors.
    • We believe data is analyzed and drives the development of the counseling program to promote student success.
    • We believe school counselors apply ASCA Ethical Standards enables us to make decisions based on high moral principles to maximize student development.
  • Rosie Rodriguez

    Mrs. Rodriguez
    Pk3 - 2nd

    Vision Statement

    Students will acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to reach their fullest potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others.


    • Guidance Lessons
    • Individual Counseling
    • Group Counseling
    • Heart Legacies
    • Manner of the Month
    • Anti-Bullying Kick-Off
    • Terrific Kids Ceremonies
    • Generation Texas Week
    • CHAMPS Mentoring Program
    • Career Day
    • Social Emotional Learning activities for teacher use
    • Monthly Attendance Incentives
    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Mother-Son Dance
    • Father-Daughter Dance
    • Voice Box
    • End of Year Awards Ceremonies