What is Texas History Day?
    Texas History Day, part of the National History Day program, is a yearlong education program that culminates in an annual state-level history fair for students in grades six through twelve. It provides an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge of history, critical thinking, analytical reading, writing, presentation, media design, and public performance skills through creative and original papers, performances, documentaries, web sites or exhibits.
    What is National History Day?

    National History Day (NHD) is an opportunity for teachers and students to engage in real historical research by improving the teaching and learning of history in middle and high schools. 

    NHD is a meaningful way for students to study historical issues,ideas, people and events by engaging in historical research.
    How to get Started
    Students select a topic related to each year’s theme.
    After students select topic, they research their topic and decide what kind of category they want to be entered in.
    Who Can Participate?
    Any high school student interested who is willing to put in the time and effort to research and present in front of judges at the regional El Paso competition.  Gifted & Talented students are encouraged to participate!
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