• Montwood HS Counselors


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    Last names Corral- Guajardo 

    Temp. Alpha: A. Mendoza- Molina

    Counselor: Ms. Adda Torres

    Email Adda Torres

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    Last Names: Guereca-Martinez J. 

    Temp Alpha: Molina Garcia-Munoz, Roy

    Counselor: JP Garcia

    Email Mr. Garcia

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    Last names Porras-Silva

    Temp. Alpha-Munoz, Ruby-Olvera

    Counselor: Olivia Wright

    Email Ms. Wright



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    Last names Skues-Z (LEAD COUNSELOR)

    Temp Alpha: Parra, Derek-Ponce, Maiya  

    Counselor: Annette Monsivais 

    Email Annette Monsivais

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    Synergi4 and P-Tech Apha: A-Z

    Temp Alpha: O’Neil-Parra, Daniel  

    Counselor: Alma Alvarez

    Email Alma Alvarez