• SISD Stationary

    The Socorro ISD stationery material is an important tool in communicating a uniformed image. Consistent and correct use of the material will ensure the district maintains a professional and unified identity. The district stationery must be used by SISD departments and is optional for campuses. The materials should only be used with approval from the appropriate administrator. Business cards are the only stationery items that may be personalized to an individual. Letterhead and envelopes are to be requested by the designated department or campus administrator. If any prior layout is still in use, please phase it out and begin using the current format.


    Letterhead will be printed in full color and can only be printed in black and white if it is going to be used for a mass mail out, i.e., an official letter to parents. The format will consist of the logo centered on top of the page followed by the department or campus name on the following line. A horizontal line divides the department or campus name and the corresponding sender information on the next line. The information is as follows: location, department/campus address, city state and zip code, phone number, fax number and website address. SISD’s standard disclaimer will be centered on the bottom of the page, half an inch above the edge. If your department or campus requires additional information to the disclaimer, please contact the Public Relations office to have the information added. A full color and black and white Word template of the letterhead can be found in the downloads page and the files can be edited to have the department or campus name and contact information.


    The envelope will be printed in two colors, Pantone 5405 and black. The format will consist of the logo and dividing line in the Pantone 5405 color only with the district name and return address in black. The return address will consist of five lines, which include department or campus name, location, department or campus address, city, state and zip code, and RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED. The RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED line will be located two lines below the last line of the return address information.

    Business Cards

    Business cards are printed in full color with no exceptions. The card will have the full color logo on the left side with the employee’s name, left justified, to the right side of the logo in black. The information displayed is as follows: first and last name, title, department,location, department or campus address, city, state and zip code, office number, fax number, email address and web address. If a cell phone number must be included, it will be added after the office number.

    All stationery is printed at our district print shop and can be ordered by filling out an online print request form through the approved department campus administrator. Ordering a quantity immediately needed is recommended as the branding layout may be revised in the future. For more information or questions regarding the use of the stationery, please contact Andrew Campos or Andy Perez. Below are samples of the district stationery.

    SISD Stationary