• SISD Branding Identity


    Socorro ISD's standard typeface is Century Gothic and is recommended to be used on all materials that are district related. Although bolding and italicizing script is permitted, please do not substitute with any other font. The font is a standard install that is included in both PC and Apple Mac computers.


    District Colors

    The official approved district colors are cyan, purple, green and dark grey. The district colors are important components toward assuring a unified appearance for the logo. It is recognized that there are occasions where color is not an option in which black and white may be used. It is highly recommended that when creating a project with only two colors that the approved blue be a primary color. Please note, while the district's graphic artists continuously use the color palette on all SISD material, they are not limited and allowed to use additional colors for special programs and events with the approval of the Superintendent's Office. Please refer to the color chart below regarding the designated colors and their specific identification numbers.

    Color Color Name CMYK RGB Hex Code
      Cyan C:   69
    M:   14
    Y:   0
    K:   0
    R:   0
    G:   174
    B:   239
      Dark Grey C:   0
    M:   0
    Y:   0
    K:   80
    R:   88
    G:   89
    B:   91


    The Socorro ISD seal is an important element in our identity and is used to act as an official branding stamp.

    The seal is for use by the Superintendent's Office and official district business, such as, but not limited to stationery and business cards, certificates, official business documents and general district communications.

    The district seal should primarily be presented in full color. With the exception of the seal in all black and all white for reverses on dark backgrounds, no other color is acceptable without the consent of the Public Relations Office.

    No additional effects should be applied to the seal such as glows, shadows, bevels, etc.., any alterations to the seal is strictly prohibited.

    Official SISD Seal (color) Official SISD Seal (grayscale) Official SISD Seal (black) Official SISD Seal (white)

    District logo download page

    District Disclaimer

    The following disclaimer should be included at the bottom of all materials that represent the district with the exception of business cards and envelopes:

    Socorro Independent School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age, disability, military status, genetic information, or any other basis prohibited by law in its employment practices or in providing education services, activities, and programs, including career and technical education (vocational programs).  For additional information regarding Socorro Independent School District’s policy of nondiscrimination contact: (915) 937-0201, 12440 Rojas Dr., El Paso, TX 79928.

    El Distrito Escolar Independiente de Socorro no discrimina personas en sus prácticas de empleo, programas de educación, actividades y servicios, incluyendo educación técnica y profesional (programas vocacionales) por motivo de raza, color de piel, religión, género, sexo, origen nacional, edad,  discapacidad,, estatus militar, información genética, o cualquier otro motivo prohibido por la ley. Para más información sobre la política de no discriminación del Distrito Escolar Independiente de Socorro llame al (915) 937 0201 o acuda al 12440 Rojas Dr. en el Paso, TX. 79928.

    Copyright Material

    Due to copyright laws, Socorro ISD will not reproduce or distribute any material that is stated protected by © by the original owner. Exceptions will require an official statement from the originator that reproduction or distribution is allowed as it is being intended. A copy of the statement must be forwarded to both the Public Relations office and Print Shop to verify release and record keeping of the permissions.

    For additional information regarding the use of the font, district colors, logos and disclaimer or questions about copyright material, please contact the Public Relations Office at 937-0284.