• Frequently Asked Questions 

    Will Puentes middle school offer advanced classes?
    Pre-AP classes will be offered for 7/8th students who meet the required campus criteria. High school credit are available for students taking Spanish and Algebra I.

    How many students are enrolled in Butler/Puente combo school?
    The schools were built with a capacity of 800 PK-5 and 1,000 middle school students
    Do the schools have open enrollment? Who is eligible to enroll in the new schools?
    No, enrollment will follow district policy and regulations. Students who live in the  school boundaries will attend the campuses. Other students may apply for a transfer as per policy.
    Will students who live in the school boundaries and currently attend other district schools be able to remain at their current school?
    The schools were open to relieve overcrowding and accommodate growth at existing schools.  Students wishing to attend other schools will need to apply for an in-district transfer as per district policy and regulations.

    What athletic programs are offered at the middle school?
    All middle school athletic programs are offered to seventh and eighth graders.

    What is the student to teacher ratio at the school?
    Currently, the schools will be staffed at a student-teacher ratio of 22:1 for grades PK-4 and 30:1 for grades 5-8. Class loads will not exceed 22 in grades PK-4 and 32 in grade 5 in the elementary school and 32 in the middle school.

    Are the students required students to wear a uniform?
    Yes. Students are required to wear uniforms including khaki pants and burnt orange, teal or black polo shirts. Students also have the option of wearing khaki pants with a white polo shirt. Additional, specific information are shared during registration.

    Are there security or monitors at the new schools?
    Yes. A district police officer and security personnel are assigned to the middle school. District police patrols the elementary school. Monitors assist with safety as crossing guards near the campus and on school grounds. Both schools  also have safety cameras.

    What kinds of technology is available in the new schools?
    Each classroom and conference room will have an Interactive White Board and InFocus. In addition to regular classrooms, the campuses has universal computer labs and a computer center for use in the library.

    Is transportation be provided for students attending the new schools?
    Yes. Transportation is available for all students who qualify under policy and regulations. This includes students who live further than two miles from the campus or that may have to cross a major thoroughfare.