• SISD Presentation Materials

    The Socorro ISD presentation materials are important tools in representing our district and the message we are communicating with the community and staff. Consistent and correct use of the material will ensure the district maintains a professional and unified identity. The district presentation material must be used by SISD departments and is optional to campuses. The materials should only be used with approval from the appropriate administrator. If any prior layout is still in use, please phase it out and begin using the current format.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    PowerPoint presentations are a great visual way to communicate in a meeting/function to your audience. As a district, it is important that we communicate our message clearly and directly. We have established templates that follow the district layout that can be used to easily communicate any message. The cover slide will have a graphic already pre-installed with the following information: Title, Date (next line). As the templates illustrate, the interior slides will have the titles in cyan with the body information in black. Different sample PowerPoint templates are available to choose from in the downloads page that may be utilized for presentations being developed. Below is a sample of one of the template's cover and interior page.

    2020-21 General PPT template


    The agenda is an informative tool for attendees of the topics presented in meetings or special events. The title should be in cyan, please refer to color guidelines and the rest of the information in black. The header is as follows: 1) Title in cyan and in a larger font than the rest of the agenda, 2) Day of the week, Month, Date, Year, 3) Time, 4) Location 5) Agenda. (please note 'Agenda' is to remain unchanged in color or size), 6) Body. As a footer, the agenda has a specially designed branding logo. Word templates of the agenda format is available in the downloads page. There is a template set up on a letter size sheet of paper and another to have two on a 8.5"X11" sheet and to be cut in half after printing. Below are samples of the final agendas.

    2020 Letter size agenda sample    2020 Half page agenda sample

    Sign-In Sheets

    A sign in sheet is a useful tool not only to have a count of the meeting or special event attendees but to have a reference on how to maintain contact with them. The sheet should have the required information of the event, time, date and location on the bottom left hand corner. Each column will represent the attendees needed name and means of contact required by presenter. A Word template is available in the downloads page that may be edited with the information required from the presentation's attendees. Below is a sample of a sign-in sheet.

    2021 Sign in Sheet Graphic

    Table Tents

    Table tents are a good source for presenters to formally interact with the attendees of the meeting or special event. The table tents will consist of the individual's name followed by their title below it. Please note that the tents are encouraged but not mandatory. A Word template is available in the downloads page that may be edited to the specific individual. Below is a sample of the table tent.

    2021 Table Tent Graphic

    For more information or questions regarding the use of the presentation tools, please contact Andrew Campos or Andy Perez.