• Research Request

    Submit research requests to:

    Laura Y. Lopez
    Program Evaluator, Dept. of Research and Evaluation
    Phone: 915-937-4379
    12440 Rojas Dr.
    12440 Rojas Dr., El Paso, TX, 79928
    Email Laura Y. Lopez    

    All research to be conducted in the Socorro Independent School District must be approved through the Research and Evaluation Department. In addition, the researcher must contact the Human Resources department in order to have a background check complete. Please submit your request a month prior to the date you intend to conduct your research. We receive numerous research requests and are likely to approve quality research that is minimally intrusive to campus personnel, will aid in improving instruction in the content areas and complies with FERPA regulations. All research requests approved at the district level must also receive approval from the campus principal. All requests must include the following information:

    1. Purpose of the research project
    2. Timeframe in which research will be conducted
    3. Step by step information on how data will be collected.
    4. Statement indicating how data collected will be used
    5. Assurances of confidentiality of participants and anonymity of responses.
    6. Attachments of proposed informed consent forms and surveys, etc. that will be used, in addition they must contain statements that participation by individuals is voluntary and those participants may withdraw at any time.
    7. Name of the Principal Researcher(s), address(es), and telephone number(s) and any other means of communication such as fax numbers and/or email address(es).
    8. Signatures of the Principal Researchers.

    Once a request is received, it will be reviewed and a letter will be sent to the researcher either approving or denying the research. Once approved by the district, a district approval number will be assigned. If the research is to be conducted at the campus level, the researcher will take the approved letter and a copy of the approved background check to the campus administrator for secondary approval.