• August - Respect (K - 5th) and Getting to Know Your Counselor, Positive Relationships (Middle School)
    • Counselor Introductions/Handbook policies
    • Officer Introduction- bullying/harassment/disruption/assault/graffiti

    September- Responsibility (K-5th) and Respect, Accountability, Responsibility, CyberSafety & Bullying (Middle School)

    • KELSOS Choice (Ongoing)
    • Growth Mindset
    • Self Help/Self Care

    October-Self-Discipline (K-5th) and  Behavior, House Bill 5,  (Middle School)

    • Red Ribbon Week 
    • Dangers of Drugs
    • Introduction of Endorsements (House Bill 5) and Advanced Academies (Entrepreneurship class)
    • Racial Justice

    November-Career Awareness (K-5th)  and Personal Safety  (Middle School)

    • Introduction of Endorsements (House Bill 5) and Advanced Academies 
    • Introduction of College and Career Readiness Plan (8th)
    • Career Readiness for 6th, 7th, 8th
    • Dating Violence/Healthy Relationships & Boundaries 

    December- Generosity (K-5th) and Self Help, Standing up/Speaking up WHO (Middle School)

    • Advanced Academies Applications (8th grade)
    • Self Help 
    • House Bill 5 Parent Night 

    January- WHO (We Help Ourselves) and Career Awareness, High School Prep (Middle School)

    • Advanced Academies applications due January, 2021
    • Career Day (TBA)

    February- Friendship (K-5th) and Personal Safety, Dating Violence, Advanced Academies  (Middle School)

    • PAAM/ TSI Testing 8th grade
    • Pre Registration for the 2015-2016 school year (5th, 6th, 7th)
    • Pre Advanced Parent Informational Meetings

    March Courage (K-5th) (Middle School)

    April - Perseverance (K-5th) and Self Help - Be Kind to Yourself (6th-8th)

    • Self Care reduce stress and test anxiety
    • Transition 
    • Apply Texas 8th grade

    May- Transitional activities to include End of The Year Activities and meetings

    • End of Year Awards Ceremonies May 18th - 22nd