• Libertas Pathways (two):



    Law Pathway

    Focuses on the 
    Legal System and becoming an attorney (lawyer)

    Government and Public Administration Pathway

    Focuses on the structure, functions, interactions of government and on running a business or an agency

    Libertas (path-specific) Course Work:

    Law Path Schedule

    1st year (9th grade)

    Principles of Law
    Professional Communication/ Public Speaking

    2nd year (10th grade)

    Legal Research & Writing

    3rd year (11th grade)

    Court Systems

    4th year (12th grade)

    Practicum in Law or Project Based Research


    Government and Public Administration Path Schedule

    1st year (9th grade)

    Principles of Government
    Professional Communication/Public Speaking

    2nd year (10th grade)

    Political Science I

    3rd year (11th grade)

    Political Science II

    4th year (12th grade)

    Practicum in local, state, and Federal Gov. OR Planning and Governance

    *Please note that all students must additionally take Pre-AP/AP and/or Dual Credit in English and Social Studies all Four Years.