• Post-Application Process

    Once an SISD student submits their application packet to AHS or their current school's 8th grade counselor, the District will provide us with their:

    • most recent Report Card information
    • 7th grade STAAR assessment results
    • attendance record

    which we will add to the application information (but only if the student is currently attending an SISD school ).  If you are NOT currently an SISD student but live within the SISD area, then you will need to gather your own documents (above), and include them with your application packet.

    If a student is accepted into the Libertas Academy, he/she must continuously (throughout all four years of high school at Americas):
    • maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA (lowest single class grade of 75)
    • take Pre-AP/AP/Dual Credit courses in English and Social Studies
    • attend Libertas related events/field trips
    • participate in required Libertas community service and activities

    Please contact Eduardo Hinojos for more information.