• Nurse Manager


    Rebecca Madrid, R.N.
    Nurse Manager
    Health Services
    Phone: 915-937-0072
    Fax: 915-851-7361


    "Today’s School Nurses provide episodic care, manage chronic conditions, track communicable disease, promote healthy behaviors, connect children with insurance and health care providers, and handle medical emergencies. They care for students with disabilities and for those who depend on medical devices such as gastrostomy tubes, insulin pumps, and urinary catheters. And they act as a health care safety net for all children.” (Keeping Children Healthy, In School, and Ready to Learn, Publication of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2010).

    As the Nurse Manager for SISD Health Services my responsibilities are to ensure that SISD Health Services Department and its school nurses promote, protect, maintain and improve student, staff and community health.  SISD employs a Registered Nurse for each of their 48 campuses. Our school nurses focus on improving the health and educational outcomes of all its students. Feel free to call me if I can be of any assistance concerning the health or nursing services for your child while at SISD.