The Montwood High School SYNERGI4 program is a small learning community that utilizes a curriculum that is project based, experiential in nature that reflect real world applications which allow students to develop 21st century skills of competency, collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking while earning college credit and graduating on the Distinguished Plan with STEM Endorsement. Teachers, students and parents will work cooperatively to develop a community of learners in order to provide a rigorous well-rounded education in preparation for educational and career opportunities beyond high school.

    The SYNERGI4 Program is designed for creative students that are motivated by academic success, aspire to obtain college and career readiness skills and prepare for the professional challenges of a global community with an interest and aptitude in applied science and mathematics.Although the emphasis is on advanced science and math coursework, technology and engineering along with strong English and social studies instruction within the program will ensure a well-rounded curriculum. Students will complete four years of rigorous high school mathematics, science, English, and social studies, participate in science and math related (Robotics team, Science Extravaganza, etc) extracurricular activities and complete internships/mentorships with local businesses. Students in SYNERGI4 will participate in Inquiry, Investigation,Innovation and Inventions that will develop their minds as they interact and transform in the 21st century.

    The SYNERGI4 Student:

    • Is committed to enrollment in rigorous college (Pre-AP, AP, and Dual Credit) and career readiness classes while earning 12-30 college credits upon graduation on the Distinguished Plan with a STEM Endorsement.
    • Will follow the rigorous PLTW program of study for Engineering or Biomedical Science.
    • Will participate in three summer sessions and is interested in community service and extracurricular activities.
    • Will participate in a small community of learners (cohort) that utilizes a curriculum that is project-based and experiential in nature that reflects real world applications
    • Will develop 21st century skills of competency, collaboration, communication, critical and creative thinking.
    • Will engage in challenging and rewarding field work, technical competitions, and learning that will prepare them to be the researchers, innovators, engineers, and leaders of the next decade and beyond.