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    Erica Peralta

    Cristina Ogushi- Gonzalez 



  • Vision Statement
    At Mission Ridge Elementary, we feel we have an excellent counseling program of the highest standards, and we also
    believe that we are making an imprint on our student’s future.  Our twenty-first-century
    scholars are given a variety of lessons to help mold and shape them to become
    “Responsible Adults.” Our guidance lessons support this endeavor.
    Mission Statement
    The Mission of our Counseling Program here at Mission Ridge is to provide a comprehensive guidance program that
    will help students discover their talents as well as their limitations. 
    Their new found abilities will be the tools that they learn to use to overcome any of their weaknesses. 
    Through Guidance Curriculum Lessons, the students can take responsibility for their own choices,
    work interdependently, manage their impulsivity, apply prior knowledge
    to new situations, communicate with clarity and be able to listen to others with empathy and understanding. 
    We create and maintain a positive, social-emotional learning environment to enable them to
    take responsible risks in their learning. 
    Belief Statement
    It is our belief at Mission Ridge that the counseling program works to maintain the highest standards
    of integrity and excellence. Tenacity is our main objective. Being Proactive with
    our approaches. We give our scholars an excellent education and assist them with their
    overall well-being in the following areas…

     Our Promise to our Students 

    •    Educational achievement or struggles they may have
    •    Assisting with developmental needs
    •    Be their “Voice” or advocate with Teachers and staff
    •    “We have a Voice Box” mailbox placed in front of our Counseling Offices, where students keep us informed about their problems in or out of school.
    •    Revisit and analyze our program through planning, managing, delivery system, and evaluating/adjusting our program goals as we see necessary
    •    By reviewing our data such as numbered referrals to an outside agency for counseling, we can be available to support them emotionally or with their educational needs.
    •    With our current caseload of 504 students, we review their requirements. We ensure and support their program and needs with Teachers, and Parents.
          We meet with parents each year to adjust their plans to meet their needs. We can also make a referral to the  “CHAMPS” Program.
  • Core Essentials

    2020-2021 Academic School Year










  • MRES

  • What do elementary school counselors do?

    • Teach classroom guidance lessons
    • Facilitate short-term small group counseling
    • Provide immediate and short-term individual counseling
    • Work collaboratively with teachers and staff
    • Consult with parents
    • Provide information and/or referrals for community resources to families

    Why do we need elementary school counselors?

    • A deliberate and comprehensive approach to teaching children social and emotional skills can raise their grades and test scores, increase enthusiasm for learning, reduce behavior problems, and enhance cognitive functioning.
    • Students who receive social skills instruction do better academically and socially.
    • There is a strong connection between emotions and learning. Students who can recognize and manage strong emotions are better learners.
    • Students who attend schools with a comprehensive guidance program do significantly better on standardized tests than students who attend schools without a comprehensive guidance program. The longer the students are in schools with comprehensive guidance programs, the more they outperform their peers on standardized tests.
    • Pro-social behaviors exhibited by students in the classroom were found to be better predictors of academic achievement than were their standardized test scores