• Student Trainer Opportunities

       Student Athletic Trainers are students who are interested in helping the Trail Blazer athletic teams by learning skills in first aid and athletic training. As an athletic trainer, there is the privilege of earning a varsity letter jacket just like athletic teams receive. Student athletic trainers must work under the direction and supervision of licensed athletic trainer.

    Qualifying for a Student Trainer


    1. Student must be passing all semester classes from the previous semester.

    2. Student must be a full-time day student at Americas High School.

    3. Studenet must be enrolled in the sports medicine 1 class and or complete course.

    4. Student must complete the application and be interviewed by one of the Licensed Athletic Trainers.

    5. Student must be willing to be available for team practices and events

    6. You must have a physical completed and online forms completed.

    7. Student must show proof of a CPR-First Aid Certification card.  If you do not hold one we will certify you in the program.