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    Library Databases @ Montwood High School

    At Montwood HS, we provide all our stakeholders with a variety of databases for research and perusal. What is a database? It is a large, regularly updated file of digitized information related to a specific field, consisting of records of uniform format organized for ease and speed of search and retrieval. If you need assistance in getting entry to the databases, see a library staff member.

    Advantages of Using a Database for Research:

    Reliable, authoritative sources, no advertisements, access to sources not available elsewhere on the open Web, comprehensive searching of thousands of items at one time, easily accessible citation information, and indexing of materials that ensure relevant results.

    Accessing Instructions:

    Access Internet and go to SISD website, www.sisd.net

    From the district page, select “Schools” tab at the top. Click on Montwood High School’s “Visit Site.”

    Click on Departments and then “Library Media Center” from the available options.

    Select “Databases" from the left menu.

    From there, you will see two bulleted options: "MackinVIA" and "TexQuest Online Resources."

    • If you click on "MackinVIA," no inputting of credentials is necessary...but you DO need to be signed into a district/campus computer. If you are not on a campus-based device, you will need to log in with your credentials you use to log in to a computer.
    • If you select “TexQuest Online Resources,” you will go directly to the MHS TexQuest page. See a library staff member for the password if prompted to enter one. For a guide, click here: TexQuest Access Portal - Gale Pages 

    Printing Policies:

    Black and white only:  No charge for first 10 pages; 10 cents per page for additional pages

    Other Databases and Access Information:

    Encyclopedia Britannica, http://school.eb.com   Username: sisd   Password: See a library staff member.

    TeachingBookshttp://www.teachingbooks.net/signin.cgi?op=signout  Username: See a library staff member.  Password: See a library staff member. 

    ProConwww.procon.org  No login is required.

    Newselahttps://newsela.com  No login is required. 

    GoogleScholar, https://scholar.google.com/ No login is required.

    Khan’s Academy, https://www.khanacademy.org/  No login is required.

    TED Talks, https://www.ted.com/talks  No login is required.

    NewsBank Special Reports, http://infoweb.newsbank.com/iw-search/we/Static/?p_theme=current&p_action=home&p_nbid=F55M56PQMTMwNDU0NzM1NC41NDMzNDU6MToxNDoyMTYuMTQ1LjE4OC40Nw No login is required.