International Baccalaureate Program Overview

  • Aztecs of the International Baccalaureatte (IB) Diploma Program are committed to achieving academic success and serving their community in pursuit of obtaining a higher education and becoming active participants in today's global society.

    What to Expect on the First Days of School

    Class on Microsoft Teams

    All Aztec teachers should have emailed "Meeting Invites" to their scholars. Scholars, please check your SISD email for your "Join Meeting" invites and join/attend your class through the given links. Your teachers will then show you how to navigate to their class team during their meeting. If you find that you do not have an invite from a class period, please email that teacher for the invite. You can use your Tyler schedule to identify the teachers you should have received invites for. DO NOT ATTEND YOUR CLASSES BY JOINING THE TEAMS ON YOUR TEAMS APP. You must attenda your classes through the emailed invites.

    Follow Your Tyler Schedule So That You Do Not Have a Loss of Credit

    It is very important that you attend your classes according to your schedule as of Monday morning. Schedule changes do take time, so rest assured that counselors have received your schedule change request (if submitted) and are working hard to correct your schedules as soon as possible. Please read Mrs. Betancourt's newsletter for further information on:

    • Attendance and LOC
    • 2020-2021 Bell Schedule (A DAYS, B DAYS, and C DAYS)
    • Lunch Shifts (A, B, C)

    ** If you are having any trouble accessing your email, please see the "Trouble Shooting FAQ" page.**

    ** If you haven't had a chance, visit the "Meet Your IB Teacher" page so that you can get to know your IB teachers before the start of school.**

    IB Program Newsletter

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  • IB Coordinator 

    Paulina Hernandez


    IB Co-Coordinator

    Rosa Harding


    *Due to the Health and Safety Measures taken by our Local, State, and district officials, please email the IB Coordinator for all IB related inquiries or concerns.

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