Workers' Compensation Procedures

  • Workers' Compensation Procedures

    Once an employee has been injured on the job, the following steps must be taken.

    1. Employee will immediately inform supervisor about the injury and report to the nearest nurse.
    2. Nurse will check on the employee's welfare and determine the severity of the injury.
    3. If medical treatment is necessary, the employee shall be sent to Dr. Refaeian to receive care.
    4. SISD Risk Management Division is notified via a completed incident report.
    In case of an emergency or an after hours injury requiring medical attention, an employee shall notify the supervisor and claims officers, and may proceed to the emergency room. If immediate treatment is not necessary, the injury must be reported the following morning to the nearest nurse.

    Procedures to follow when returning to work from a work- related injury: *Note: These procedures only apply when an employee has been injured on the job AND has received the services of a physician.

    1. Obtain DWC-73 Form (Release to regular or modified duty) from treating physician or have physician submit the form to the SISD Risk Management Division.
    2. If Dr. Refaeian releases the employee back to work with restrictions or completely removes he/she from work, the employee cannot report back to his or her worksite. The employee must first report to the SISD Risk Management Division (During holidays, weekends, or after office hours contact the claims officers.)

      Employee obtains Return to Duty Permit from the Risk Management Division (If employee cannot be accommodated with restrictions, injured worker will not be allowed to report to work.)
    3. If approved, employee reports to work site on a regular modified duty basis.
    The Risk Management Division is located at:
    SISD District Service Center
    12440 Rojas Drive
    El Paso, TX 79928

    Claims Officer:
    Javier Alvarez
    Phone: (915) 937.0251
    Cell: (915) 240.9963
    Fax: (915) 851.7934


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