• Benefits Eligibility

    Eligible Employees

    An Eligible Employee is any full time employee who has satisfied the applicable waiting period. Full time shall mean a minimum of 37.5 hours per week. All regular food service employees and bus drivers are also eligible at 20 or more hours per week.

    Eligible Dependents

    An Eligible Dependent shall mean the legal spouse of an employee. It shall also mean the unemancipated children of any employee who is:

    1. Under the age of 26, are the natural children, legally adopted children or children for whom the Eligible Employee is a legal guardian; or
    2. Under the age of 26, are the step children who reside at the Employee's home; or
    3. A child of your child, if the child is
        1. under the age of 26, and,
        2. is financially dependent upon the Employee for support and claimed as dependents on the Employee's income tax. The Plan Sponsor will require the Eligible Employee to furnish proof of the Dependent's dependency at the time of enrollment and on an annual basis by providing a copy of federal income tax return or other applicable legal document reflecting the dependency status.
    4. Upon reaching the age of 26 and having been covered under this Plan as an Eligible Dependent, are disabled and are incapable of earning a living, may continue to be covered as an Eligible Dependent. The Plan Sponsor may require the Eligible Employee to furnish period proof of the individual's continued incapacity or dependency, but not more than annually. If such proof is not satisfactory and further proof which is satisfactory is not provided upon request, within the time period specified by the Plan Sponsor, coverage for the individual will end immediately.