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     Welcome Parents! 
      Norma Acevedo
      Pebble Hills High School
    Parent and Family Engagement
    Room: J-103 


    Pebble Hills High School
    Name: Norma Acevedo Parent Liaison
    Email address: nacevedo@sisd.net
    Phone number: 915-937-9431

    The Title I Parent Liaison implements a parental involvement program that creates partnerships among schools, parents and community members at every SISD campus. The Parent Liaison provides workshops that empower parents to become their own problem solvers and to strengthen families and get them involved in their child's academic achievement.

    Our mission is to promote parental involvement by offering training and activities to campus parents in an effort to empower them with resources, strategies and skills that will help them support their children in their academic endeavors, as well as enrich their own lives.

    We offer a variety of state-wide research-based programs such as Nutrition Programs. Active Parenting of Teens, and other programs in an effort to increase and promote parental involvement on our campus. We strive to give our parents the most up-to-date trainings and information to improve our students' academic performance.

Last Modified on January 8, 2018