Pebble Hills High School Library Club


    The PHHS Library Media Club is a student club sponsored by the librarians, Mrs. Martinez & Ms. Tafoya.  The club meets every other week and students discuss books, library events, club projects, etc.  The club is open to all students. 



    Member’s Duties: (as recommended by students & sponsor)


    ·       Recommend books to other students by making posters, lists, and Flipgrids

    ·       Promote reading

    ·      Movies @ Your Library

    ·       Library Courtesies (before school, during lunch, after school)
    ·       Help select new library books
    Library Club Officer Elections: 
    President: Miriam Martinez
    Vice-President: Jennifer Anderson
    Secretary: Nishawn Gavin
    Treasurer:  Nakessa Forrest
    Historian:  Trenece Goggins