Middle School STAAR Assessments

  • Grade 6 Reading and Math

    Grade 7 Reading and Math

    Grade 8 Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies

    Grade 7-8 (students enrolled in high school mathematics) Algebra I End-of-Course STAAR Test

  • Student Performance

    Once students have taken a STAAR assessment they will receive a score indicating their performance. Student performance will fall into one of the four categories below.

    • Masters - Mastery of the course knowledge and skills is shown - student is on-track for college and career readiness.
    • Meets Grade Level - Strong knowledge of course content - student is prepared to progress to the next grade. 
    • Approaches Grade Level (Considered Passing)- Some knowledge of course content, but may be missing critical elements - student needs additional support in the coming year.
    • Did Not Meet Grade Level - No basic understanding of course expectations is shown - student may need significant support in the coming year. 
  • Student Scores

    What is a Student Report Card?

    Understanding the New STAAR Report Cards

    Understanding the Confidential Student Report

    Get your child's scores by visiting the Student Portal

    The Student Portal provides online access to scores and reporting information from the various state tests: STAAR and the TELPAS assessments. The Student Portal is located on the website of the Texas Assessment Management System, and requires the user to log-in with the Unique Access Code assigned to a student and the Date of Birth.

    How Do I Access the Student Portal?

    Go to www.texasassessment.com.

    If you know the Access Code, enter the Code and enter your child's date of birth and click on Log In to Student Portal.

    If you don't know the Access Code, click on Find My Access Code, enter your child's first name, PEIMS ID (Social Security or State Issued ID), date of birth and click Go. If all information matches, it will allow you to go in and see your child's data.  

    If you don't know your child's PEIMS ID, please contact your child's school.