• Welcoming Military Families to SISD

    Soldiers, Teachers, and  Students

    Here at Socorro Independent School District, we pride ourselves in providing the best education possible for our students to ensure that their future is as bright as it can be and successful. We also understand the important role that families play in our children's education. This page is dedicated to the new families joining our community.

    The Socorro Independent School District is located in the southeastern portion of El Paso County, Texas. We serve the City of Socorro, Horizon City, and the eastern portion of the City of El Paso. In doing so, we cover 136 square miles of El Paso County. The District's northern boundary is the Texas/New Mexico line and its southern boundary is the Rio Grande River. We are part of Texas Education Agency Region 19.


    If you are a new family to SISD, please read below:

    Due to the growth and mobility in SISD, your school age child(ren) may be subject to attend an alternate school due to the limited space at his/her home campus. Registration must take place at homeschool. If it is determined no space is available at the home campus then your child will be overflowed to a designated campus with transportation provided.

    PLEASE NOTE: Registration days and times vary by campus. Please contact the campus for assistance.


    Department of Defense Educational Activity (DoDEA) 

    Project SPEED  
    The Socorro Independent School District is proud to announce that the Department of Defense has contributed funding for several grants this year. Student ranging from elementary to high school at participating campuses will have the opportunity to take part in activities that promote academic and personal growth and development. Current grant funding includes Project SMART, Project SPEED, Project PCS, and AYPYN.
    About Project SMART
    Project SMART provides extended learning opportunities incorporating real life STEM (Science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) experiences through daytime school enrichment classes, after school programs, clubs, camps and competitions, while providing high school mentorship opportunities and family/students nights. project SMART aims to improve teacher effectiveness through professional development which includes STEM teacher education kits and planning guides, workshops for project-based learning and STEM courses from UTEP faculty with an emphasis on grade-appropriate content knowledge.
     Goals for Project SMART: 

    1. Increase 5th and 8th grade student achievement in


    2. Increase 5th and 8th grade achievement in Science.

    3. Increase high School achievement in Engineering. 

     Project SMART Campuses: El Dorado High School, Pebble Hills High School, Hernando Middle School, Sun Ridge Middle School, Sgt. Roberto Iterate Elementary, Paso Del Norte School, John Drugan School,  Dr. Sue Shook Elementary, Lujan-Chavez Elementary, O'Shea Keleher Elementary, and Hurshel Antwine Elementary School.
    Project SMART is currently in a No-cost Extension from September 2016 through August 30, 2018.
    Contact Information: for more information regarding Project SMART you may contact Project SMART coordinator Zaide Cabezuela at (915)937-0310. Email: zcabez@sisd.net  
    Project SPEED is being funded for twelve campuses in SISD that have been identified as having a significant enrollment of military-connected students that are receiving special education services. Campuses will receive funding for four years to provide students with instructional resources, technology and licensing, and the opportunity to take part in differentiated inclusive instruction. The faculty at the participating campuses will be provided professional development sessions to target key instructional strategies aimed at helping students succeed academically and social/emotionally.   
     Goals for Project SPEED: 

     1. Improve Reading Performance for students through inclusive differentiated instructional practices.

    2. Create the opportunity for campus and students connectedness through activities enhancing child's social wellbeing.
    Participating campuses will be working alongside district personnel to offer parents informational sessions, military activities, and family night. Our goal is to work with our military families to create an environment that not only helps our boys and girls to succeed, but to truly flourish.
    Project SPEED Participating Campuses: Slider Middle School, SSG Manual R Puentes Middle School, Sierra Vista Elementary School, Lujan-Chavez Elementary School, Paso Del Norte School, John Drugan School, Hurshel Antwine School, Dr. Sue Shook School, SGT Roberto Ituarte Elementary School, Chester E Jordan Elementary School, and James P Butler Elementary School.
    Contact Information: for more information regarding Project SPEED you may contact the Project SPEED Coordinator Nidia Ramirez, at (915)937-0129. Email: nramir717@sisd.net

    Provide support to military students' social and emotional needs by providing a Military Liaison, SPARC training and the Student Ambassadors program.
    Enhance and expand instructional support to help students meet the requirements of a rigorous curriculum using innovative models of instruction including blending learning, flipped classrooms, Response to Intervention, digital devices, and educational software that specifically address the Texas Education Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). 
    Goals for Project PCS
     1. Increase the academic achievement of military dependent middle school students in math. 
     2.  Increase the level of social and emotional supports for middle and high school military dependent students to foster a positive school climate for military dependent students.
    Participating Campuses: Pebble Hills High School, El Dorado High School, Sun Ridge Middle School, SPC. Rafael Hernando Middle School, and SSG. Manuel R. Puentes Middle School.
    Contact information: for more information regarding Project PCS you may contact the Project Coordinator Neal Sanders, at (915)937-9444/0126. Email: nsande@sisd.net 
    ABOUT AYPYN: ARMY YOUTH PROGRAMS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD The Army provides funding for after school programming in which eight middle school and high school campuses in SISD participating. The project and assist students in their academic performance and college career readiness, as well as social, emotional, and behavior outcomes. More specifically though, the goal is to raise local and national awareness of the needs of Army youth and role afterschool programs/activities can play in helping to meet these needs that enable students to thrive and succeed, even in the face of adversity.
    AYPYN provides technical assistance, resources, and training to build program capacity in eight major areas:
    1. Offer students the opportunity to participate in wellness/fitness activities. 

    2. Assess students and provide data to guide program improvement, including the administration of student and staff surveys. Site-specific reports provide survey results for both Army-connected and other students.

    3.   Identify and understand the needs of Army and other program participants, particularly in regard to academic performance, college and career readiness, and positive development.
    4.   Identify and successfully implement best practices that meet the identified needs.
    5. Incorporate youth voice and engagement in the needs assessment and action-planning process. 
    6.  Support academic success of students and assist in their college readiness.
    7.  Enrich the school's academic curricula.
    8.  Identify funding opportunities to enhance program success, and sustainability. 
    Participating Campuses Include: Americas High School, Pebble Hills High School, Hernando Middle School, Paso Del Norte School, Puentes Middle School and Sun Ridge Middle School.
    Contact Information: for more information about AYPYN contact Project AYPYN Coordinator, Audrey Garcia at (915) 937-0126. Email: agarci212@sisd.net.





    CYS-Military and Family Life Counselor
                                       Jerusalem DeSion
                                       (915) 208-1455 

    Masters or Doctorate-level licensed counselors specializing in child and youth behavioral issues.

    Available at no cost to assist children and youth, parents, family members and staff of child and youth programs.

    Available to provide short-term, non-medical counseling support.

    Services are private and confidential with the exception of  child  abuse/neglect, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.

    Issues Addressed by CYS-MFLCs

      • School adjustment
      • Deployment and separation
      • Reunion adjustment
      • Sibling and parent-child communication
      • Behavioral concerns 
      • Fear, grief and loss



    Educational Grants

             Grant Writer Ann Darnell

    Project SMART Zaide Cabezuela
    Project SPEED Nidia Ramirez
    Project PCS Neal Sanders
    AYPYN Audrey Garcia