Bulldog Center Rules and Expectations

  • Students not following the rules will be asked to leave the center..... 
    1. Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed by the computers.
    2. Bottle drinks are allowed
    3. Respect each other, the teacher and tutors in the lab
    4. Use your inside voices
    5. Ask before printing
    6. All calculators and headphones may be checked out with a school ID only and must be returned in the same condition it was issued.
    7.Internet will be used for school purposes only (No games, YouTube, or any other prohibited website as determined by the school district)
    8. Clean your area and push your chair in before you leave.
    9. Plato Online Learning students will have priority on Computers
    10. No horse playing, you are here to work
    11. Foul language will not be tolerated in the lab.
    12. Do not be wasteful of supplies
    13. Put everything back where you got it from