• Rams Learning Center

    Ms. Rivera
    Rams Learning Center Teacher & Coordinator
    Phone: 915-937-2479
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    The Rams Learning Center provides MHS students with multiple, high-quality programs and opportunities that can assist students with all of their academic needs.  We will educate and empower struggling students with the skills and knowledge needed so that they can become lifelong learners and independent thinkers. RLC coordinator, teachers, UTEP tutors and administrators will be collaborating together along with students and guardians in an effort to ensure students are receiving the finest quality of education.

    The Rams Learning Center is open Monday-Friday 8:00, during school hours (including A and B lunch) and after school M-Th 4-5 (Fridays-close by 4 p.m.).

    We are located on the first floor on the Bob Mitchell side of the building (west) next to room A110.

    Tutoring is available for all content areas.

    We have tutors from UTEP and student peers to assist students.

    Assignments and books are accessible to students.

    School supplies are available.

    RLC has a multitude of computers for students to use.

    Parents can request a parent/teacher conference by speaking to Ms. Rivera

    RLC Reservation Form (Note: Reservations are for teachers and staff only.)

    All other appointments please contact Ms. Rivera by phone or email.

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