• Writing Center Use Guidelines:

    -Students MUST have a pass to use the centers.

    -Dress code will be enforced in the centers at all times.

    -Cell phones and iPods can only be used in the labs for educational purposes.

    -Non-educational websites, streaming video, and games are not allowed on the computers during class time.

    -Students should only be sent to the labs to work on specific tasks.

    -Teachers can send students to the lab during the first 20 minutes of class, but should not send them during the last twenty minutes.

    -Unless the teacher specifically requests otherwise, students will not be sent back to their classrooms during the last 20 minutes of any class; we will hold them in the center until the bell.

    -The Writing Center is on the B schedule for upperclassmen.

    Book appointments for your class by calling 72614.

    We also have a page for students with writing tips and strategies.

Last Modified on January 24, 2018