• Parent and Family Engagement

    The parent and family engagement program's  purpose is to build capacity by empowering parents and family members to be active participants in their child’s education. Studies prove that when parents and family members are involved in the educational process of their children, students are more likely to earn higher grades, attend school regularly, take rigorous courses, graduate and go on to both college and careers. In this partnership, parents, family members and students should feel connected. The parent and family engagement program at SISD follows the rules and regulations set forth by NCLB section 1118. The program focuses on parents and family members and promotes the engagement of them as partners in education.

    Parent and Family Engagement Liaison or Community in School representatives hold workshops for parents and family members in topics such as; understanding STAAR, motivating children, attendance, career and college readiness, technology classes, parenting skills, bullying prevention, self-esteem, literacy classes such as ESL, and helping with their homework. A major part of the liaison component includes: a compliance component to meet state and federal accountability.

    Campuses ask and request the participation of parents and family members when developing a campus parental involvement policy and student parent compact. Liaisons hold a yearly meeting in February where these documents are evaluated and reviewed. In addition, the campuses hold a Title I Annual Meeting in late August and early September. Parent and family members are invited to receive information on how Title I funds for these campuses are distributed and will be used to improve instruction. At the end of the year, in May,  parents and family members are once again asked to be part of the educational process and participate in evaluating the Title I Program at the campus their students attend.

    Below are links to the 2022 - 23 Parent and Family Engagement Policies:

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