Dear Parents/Guardians:                       

    The PHHS Tardy Policy has been developed to emphasize the importance of each student being in the classroom for the entire period, as well as arriving on time to school every day.  Learning the responsibility of getting to class on time is an integral part of PHHS's standard of excellence, which prepares students for success.

    In our school, instructional time is viewed as a precious resource. Consequently we view chronic tardiness as a serious problem. We need your support in ensuring students make maximum use of class time and learn to be punctual. Instruction begins at 8:40 a.m. Beginning the day promptly is important and demonstrates commitment to success.


    Students should be inside the school by 8:30 AM. After 8:40 AM, they must report to class. If student is 15 min. late they must report to the attendance office to get a pass to go to class.   Oversleeping, car/traffic problems, etc. are all unexcused. Problems with tardiness to school may require adjustments in the family's morning schedule. Tardies are excusable by a school official under the following circumstances:


     1. court appointment 2. Illness of the student 3. Student has a doctor appointment


    A note or phone call from a parent or a professional note from a doctor/dentist will be required to verify the above. 



    Consequences for repeated tardiness to school within a semester are as follows:


    The number of tardiness to school


    5th-9th tardy


    A   conference with student and a call to parent.

     10th –14th tardy


    A   parent conference or call to parent. An attendance plan will be created with Administration.

    15th or more tardy


    A   parent conference or call  to parent. Student will receive a referral and consequences.



    The Assistant Principals have the right to substitute an alternative disciplinary intervention for repeated offenders. Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please call us at 915-937-9400.

    Assistant Principals




Last Modified on July 28, 2017