FitnessGram Guide

  • FitnessGram by The Cooper Institute is the most widely used physical fitness assessment in the country, reaching millions of kids nationwide in tens of thousands of schools. Not only does FitnessGram provide assessments, but it also gives scientific validity to school-based programs like NFL PLAY 60, proving that these initiatives work.

    Research from The Cooper Institute and partners show that students who are in the Healthy Fitness Zone™ are less likely to develop an illness, have higher academic performance, better attendance, and fewer behavioral and discipline issues

    Fitness Testing Areas

    Aerobic Capacity

    • One-Mile Run
    • PACER
    • Walk Test

    Body Composition

    • Body Mass Index
    • Height 
    • Weight

    Abdominal Strength and Endurance

    • Curl-Up
    • Trunk Lift 4

    Upper Body Strength and Endurance

    • Push-Up 


    • Shoulder Stretch

FitnessGram Resources

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