• Who Can Take Dual Credit?

    There are several things to do to ensure you’re eligible for DC...

     Generally, a potential DC student: 

    • is eligible to enroll in DC courses any year while in high school, thanks to HB505, as of September 1st, 2015;
    • must sign a Request for High School Early Admission/Dual Credit Form (which can be accessed by clicking on this link: EPCC DC EA form), authorizing EPCC to release scores/grades/academic progress reports to the high school, along with their parent/legal guardian;
    • must complete the EPCC admissions process & take its placement tests (known as the TSI), as well as course-specific placement test scores where applicable*;
    • must also meet program-specific requirements (e.g., immigration status, holds, & placement testing issues)*;
    • will be allowed to enroll only in college level courses for which they are eligible (as determined by the current EPCC course placement rules);
    • must have the approval of DC counselor on campus, which is given if the student meets the entrance requirements of EPCC and courses are part of the student's current degree plan;
    • and must meet all course prerequisites prior to being included on an Enrollment Roster Form (ERF).

    If you are a current PHHS student, or will be the semester you wish to take the course, see your high school counselor to verify you have taken and passed the prescribed assessments. If you have, and if you have a "B" average overall, you will likely be eligible to apply for admission to EPCC!