• DNA 1:1 Program Frequently Asked Questions

    To prepare tomorrow's leaders today, the Socorro Independent School District has implemented the Digitally Nurturing Academics (DNA) 1:1 Laptop Program which provides a laptop to incoming 9th grade students at all Socorro ISD's high schools.

    Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we have received from parents.

    The most important recommendation we can make to parents is to be involved and vigilant in your child’s online activities.

  • How much do the parents have to pay for the laptop?

  • How will the usage fee be applied?

  • Is getting the laptop mandatory?

  • What if the laptop is stolen?

  • What kind of security will be in place?

  • Is there a safe place for the students to put their laptop if they participate in after school programs?

  • Are you blocking certain sites? How easy is it to bypass the school’s filter?

  • What about Internet safety?

  • Do they get a new laptop every year or do they get the same one?

  • What happens if the student does not return the bag/case with the laptop?

  • Is there an administrator password? Will you be providing that to parents?

  • Will students use e-mail to turn in assignments?

  • Will there be additional laptops available in the class for students?

  • Do they get wireless internet (WiFi) access?

  • Will the students be allowed to plug in at school if the battery is low?

  • Who provides technology support to students on campus?

  • How are the students supposed to do homework when they occasionally do not have internet access?

  • If I withdraw my child, what must I do?

  • Will the laptop be used every day?

  • What if the computer crashes? Are students able to save information on a separate personal hard drive to avoid losing information?

  • Will the district offer a parent training session?

  • Can parents have access to student Outlook accounts?

  • Will the laptops be locked down so students can't download software?

  • Is there a list of most common sites students try to access at school that are blocked?