Summer Avtivities

Get yourself prepared for this upcoming school year!!

  • Summer Schedule

    There will be “2” lanes (lanes 1 + 2) available for “all” swimmers who want to swim.  Remember that sharing is caring!!  No in afterschool fighting!!  The Gator swim team will have the other 6 lanes.

    1.   Only for SISD High School swimmers (including incoming freshman) not for little bros and sis.  (Or cousins from EHS or any other school)  I do this for our swimmers who do not have the financial availability to attend

    Private swim teams.  I figure if they want to work out bad enough they will show up at 8 am on their summer vacation!   Please have them NOT ABUSE this because if they do I will have to shut it down.  I know Gators want those other 2 lanes but I refuse to give it to them as long as you all want them.

    2.   Must sign in when they come into the facility.  There will be a sign in sheet up front.  Name, school, grade, coach’s name
    3.   We will not allow anyone else to “just come in and watch”
    4.   Pool supervisors will have authority to ask any athlete to leave the facility for disruptive behavior including just sitting around and not swimming
    5.   High school coach need NOT to be present.   Of course you know you are welcome if you want to check out your kids.
    6.   Free of charge to your swimmers.

Last Modified on July 29, 2017