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    A fundraiser is an event that includes any activity during which currency, tokens, tickets, donation for, or other forms of payment are exchanged for the sale or purchase of a product. This includes payment that is made toward a future purchase. There is no limit on fundraisers that meet the Competitive Food and Beverage Nutrition Standards. Any food and/or beverage item that meets the standards may be sold on the school campus during the school day. CEs should define what types of food and/or beverages are allowed to be sold on campus in their local wellness policy.

    Exempt Fundraisers. Texas public, charter, and private schools that participate in NSLP or SBP may sell food and/or beverages as part a fundraiser that does not meet the Competitive Foods Nutritional Standards during the school day for up to six (6) days per school year on each school campus. Food and/or beverages sold during an exempt fundraiser must not be sold in competition with school meals service or consumed in the school meal service area.

    CEs should include information on exempt fundraisers in their local wellness policies to ensure that students, parents, and staff understand when fundraising exemptions apply.


       This institution is an equal opportunity provider.