Hello Parents,
    My name is Coach Valdez. I am the Head Boys Basketball Coach here at Slider Middle School.  I have been coaching boys basketball at some capacity here for the past twenty years. This season, I will be coaching the boys 7A team. My assistant is Coach Perez. He will be in charge of the boys 8A team. My B team coaches are Coach Gonzalez, 8th grade and Coach Dominguez, 7th grade.

    My philosophy in coaching is that my players must be number one, good citizens, number two, good students, and number three good athletes. They must be good citizens and good students before they can be good athletes. There can be no other way!


    We have won many championships here at Slider, both 7A and 8A. I hope this year's teams can continue the trend. Either way, I hope to see you all at our games and enjoy the exciting brand of basketball that our players bring to the court.


    Thank you,

    Coach Jose Valdez