• How to Register for UTEP

    Steps for UTEP Registration AFTER ADVISING:

    1. Go to www.my.utep.edu
    2. Log in using your UTEP log in name and password.  If password does not work call 747-HELP
    3. Click on Goldmine
    4. Click on Registration
    5. Look up Classes to add
    6. Select Term
    7. Select course name & number
    8. Select CRN and check off the box on the left of the CRN
    9. Scroll down and submit. 
    10. Please print your schedule from the Student Detail Schedule in the Registration site and turn in to Mr. Alvarado.

    If you have any issues registering please contact UTEP's Center for Academic Success at 747-7387 and ask for Ms. Velasquez.