• Argelia Morales and Loretta Ortiz
    Communities In Schools Coordinators
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     Office Hours: 7:45am-4:00pm



    Communities in Schools


    The mission of Communities in Schools (CIS) is to help young people stay in school, successfully learn, and prepare for life. CIS helps at-risk students improve in academics, attendance and/or behavior, encouraging more students to stay in school, graduate and prepare for post-secondary life. CIS helps students address many issues or challenges that can prevent them from graduating and pursuing post-secondary goals. CIS takes a holistic (which means all-around) approach to help students by addressing their physical, emotional, and academic needs through a wide range of services. CIS gives students the opportunity for success by providing the following services:

    • Academic Support: Long and short-term tutoring in collaboration with the Americas High School's tutoring center The Blazer Center.
    • Crisis Counseling and Intervention
    • Mentoring
    • Supportive Guidance: Professional individual and group counseling services; other referrals to agencies made according to need.
    • College & Career Readiness: Provide information/resources on higher education and career opportunities that are available. 
    • Enrichment: Group and cultural activities promoting self-awareness, self-esteem, family bonding, community awareness, and developmental issues. Personal and interpersonal skills training.
    • Health: Presentations on HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, and related topics.
    • Teen Parent Program: provide presentations to all teen parents on topics such as prenatal care information, nutrition, community services and resources, daycare assistance, and parenting classes. Monitor academic achievement and attendance.
    • Parental Involvement: Aimed at increasing the level of parental support in the education and well-being of their at-risk sons and daughters.
    • Employment/Pre-Employment: Addresses economic pressures on the student's household, or on the student, through counseling and referrals. Job seeking assistance provided as needed.
    • Emergency Resources: food pantry and clothes closet for students and their families.