Americas High School 
    AVID Site Team 
    Who makes up the AVID site team at Americas High School?

    The Americas AVID site team consists of an administrator, the AVID classroom teacher(s), a guidance counselor, and subject area teachers from each of the core areas. These site team members serve as advocates for AVID students and the AVID program and provide a collegial support group working to ensure the program's success.

    Principals provide instructional support and recognition, allocate resources to the AVID program, and ensure that the school's schedule and organization take into account the needs of the program.

    • Patricia Cuevas - Principal
    • Raquel Alva - Assistant Principal
    • Ray Aguilar - Assistant Principal
    • Steven Gomez - Assistant Principal
    • Edith Ortiz - Assistant Principal
    • Carlos Sandoval - Director of Trailblazer Early College

    AVID Coordinator and AVID Teachers teach the AVID Elective classes and work with other teachers to monitor student progress as well as with the support of the site team, oversee tutors, arrange motivational and enrichment activities, coordinate parent programs, and arrange for speakers and college tours. AVID teachers serve as site team coordinators and are responsible for overseeing the program and for sharing techniques with colleagues.

    • Yadira A. Robles - AVID II, IV Teacher and Coordinator
    • Roger Atilano - AVID I and English Teacher
    • Christian Aguirre - AVID II and English Teacher
    • Eric Garcia - AVID I and English Teacher
    • Rachel Hamacher - AVID I and Math Teacher
    • Esther Portillo - AVID I and Social Studies Teacher
    • Adam Lares - AVID I and Science Teacher
    • Dwan Smith - AVID III Teacher

    Guidance counselors, working with AVID teachers, use AVID criteria to screen and select candidates for the program. They ensure that AVID students are placed in college preparatory classes. They assist the AVID teacher in monitoring the achievement of AVID students and in disseminating information about the program. Additionally, they assist the AVID teacher in securing guest speakers, arranging field trips, and conducting parent meetings.

    • Claudia Preciado - AVID Counselor and Students A-Carreto
    • Aida Mata - Students Carrillo-Flack
    • Elizabeth Ochoa-Rivas - Students Flaco-Heredia
    • Diana Aguirre - Students Hernandez-Marrero
    • Gaby Shimshock - Students Martinez-Pedroza
    • Joanne Kirtley - Students Pena-Salinas
    • Lizbeth Arellano - Students Salmeron-Z
    • Alicia Gardea -  All Trailblazer Early College Students

    Subject area teachers from English, math, social studies, science, foreign language, and other subjects are trained in AVID program techniques, which they incorporate into their classroom instruction. They work with the AVID teacher to monitor student progress. A teacher from each core subject area serves on the AVID site team as an advocate for the AVID program and a liaison to the school community.

    • Saul Anaya - Libertas
    • Amanda Stevens - Libertas
    • Lisa Stephenson - SCEI Coach
    • Ben Corral - SCEI Coach
    • Shane Edmonson - SCEI Coach
    • Olivia Crosse-Santana - Social Studies Department Chair
    • Dolores Mcelyea - English Department Chair
    • Steve Jolley - Math Department Chair
    • Albert Garcia - CTE Department Chair
    • Adriana Laguna - Plato - Credit Recovery
    • Yadira De La Cruz - Foreign Language
    • Virginia Gardea - English
    • Veronica Garcia - CTE
    • Kim Henry - English
    • Patricia Hernandez - Science
    • Katie McCraw - English
    • Ruth Gutierrez - Math
    • Elizabeth Mullins - CTE
    • Francisco Nolasco - CTE
    • Joanna Sosa -Foreign Language
    • Gustavo Rodriguez - Social Studies
    • Lorraine Varela - Student Activities Director

    Tutors, recruited from colleges and universities, from retired teacher rolls, and/or from local business and industry, are trained in AVID strategies including writing, reading, inquiry, and collaboration. They have an important role in challenging and supporting students and providing support to the AVID teacher.

    • Alyssa Hernandez